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Student Council

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Student Council

Members of the Student Council are elected by fellow students.  To serve on student council, a student must meet the no-pass, no-play rule and follow the guidelines of the student council. Student Council provides student activities, serves as a training experience for both leaders and followers, promotes the common good, develops high ideals of personal conduct, seeks to interest students in school affairs, and helps to solve problems that may arise.  The Student Council is a representative body of students elected in their respective grades.  The following rules apply to all Student Council members:

1.  ATTENDANCE:  Attendance at all meetings is required.  Excused absences must be approved by the advisor before the day of the absence.

2.  GRADES:  A grade average of no less than "C" in all subjects must be maintained.  Two "F" grades in any subjects results in a student's removal from Student Council.

3.  CITIZENSHIP:  Citizenship in school and out of school must be outstanding.  A high standard must be maintained in relation to behavior, attitude, and morals.

4.  PARTICIPATION:  Voluntary participation in Student Council activities is expected.  Members should assist with as many activities during the year as possible.