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Principal's Corner

Principal's Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are off to a great start to the New Year. This school year, CCMS is proudly educating the graduating classes of 2021 (8th), 2022 (7th), and 2023 (6th). I have met with each grade level and shared expectations for the school year. These expectations are in the areas of academic achievement or student growth, attendance, and behavior.

*Academic Achievement – Our expectation is for students to simply do their best on all assignments and evaluations. Students will routinely take STAR, Benchmark, WriteScore, and other assessments for which they will not receive a personal grade, but students should always do their best on these assessments. These assessments will be their performances the will be used to evaluate our performance as a school and be used for determination if remediation or intervention is needed for your child.

* Attendance – Attendance is an important factor in academic success. Having perfect attendance may not be an attainable goal for all students. We have set a realistic goal that no student misses more than 5 days this school year. I can’t state the importance that students bring excuses when they are absent from school and ask for any make up work they may have missed during their absence.

*Good Behavior – Our goals is for all students to have good behavior in the classrooms and school transportation. Please talk to your child about your expectations and support our teachers as they work to prepare your child for the next grade.