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My name Kathryn Trescott and I have always known I was going to be a teacher. I believe all children, regardless of ability or disability, have gifts. As teachers, we must act as a resource to support and nurture these gifts.  I hope to see all of my students reach their fullest potential. 

"Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way."

                                                                  -George Evans



Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education- University of Georgia, 2011

Master of Education in Special Education- University of Georgia, 2013 

Professional Experience

1 year- Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) tutor for students with Autism

2 years- Middle Grades Special Education


I was born and raised in Crawford County. I am a graduate of Crawford County High School (2007). I went to the University of Georgia in Athens and became an avid Bulldogs fan. I currently live in Macon with my husband and our two dogs (Macho Man and Ric Flair). We love playing golf, exercising, and swimming with our pups. 

Future Plans

I hope to contiune my career and education in Special Education. Over the new few years, I would like to return to school to persue my Education Specialist or Doctoral degree.